photo(1)Becoming a parent was one of the most amazing events in my life. Before my daughter Abby was born, I had a rich life — working full-time, socializing, running a household and trying to squeeze in cultural activities in between. When she came along, I wanted to continue to do those things, while exposing her to a variety of experiences that would help her grow.

As resourceful as I had been in my pre-child life, I struggled with where to find information I could trust about kid-friendly places, activities and resources. I asked other parents at the playground, joined local mom groups and scoured the internet for advice. But every week it seemed I had a new question. What I needed was a singular, candid source of information geared towards families.

I created Where to Baby as a solution not only for me, but for everyone. So whether you are a parent, a grandparent, an uncle, a nanny, or a friend you can go to one place to get the skinny on things to do with the kids — and keep everyone happy.

By offering a curated list of local, child-friendly businesses, our goal is to cultivate a community where people enjoy sharing their experiences with others. Whether you’re going just down the street or headed out of town, we hope the information is helpful, and that you will come back to share your wisdom with others.

So go grab the kiddies, head out and enjoy!

-Shara Hall, Founder